Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Island

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The island bare's a large wooden cross and the whitest sand on its windward side. To the visiting traveler , landlubber or everyday citizen this is just another beautiful sight in Charleston harbor. A large religious symbol proclaiming that the religious fate is alive and well in Charleston, also known as the holy city for this fact. But to the mariner the sight of the cross and the bleached white sand brings about a completely different thought, something a bit more tragic , a song of sorts. As the tails been told mariner's out at sea caught in a storm begin to hear the sirens song, as the storm gets worse the song becomes louder and more luring putting the sailors in a trance,bringing them and ship closer to the rocky shore and the crushing waves where doom awaits. Over the years many of men and ship have been lost to this fate. The large wooden cross is there for the men lost, a reminder to the mariner that the siren's song sounds sweet and comforting but the ending is sure to be tragic. Oh and that beautiful bleached white sand really isn't sand at all but it be the bones of the lost souls crushed and washed a shore by the pounding sea. The last time this tail was told was on my charter trying to make an honest living now that piracy is frond upon. I had the usual types on board visiting traveler, landlubber and everyday citizen and one very large woman from Baltimore. In seeing the island and large wooden cross and white sand she insisted on a closer look. I SHOULD LIKE TO GO ASHORE CAPTAIN and being a paying customer I was happy to accommodate. Reaching the island by long boat the large woman was quick to exit the boat and wade ashore for a closer inspection of the sand. She took handfuls of the wet sand and rubbed it on her skin informing us of its medicinals qualities, sea salts minerals and such. CAPTAIN WHY IS THIS SAND SO WHITE WHEN ALL THE OTHER ISLANDS ARE BROWN ? she asked. So I began to tell the tail as the woman from Baltimore kept on. When I reached the end and told her that the sand really wasn't sand at all but the bones of the lost sailors the expression on her face went from know it all aristocrat to that of horror and disgust. I began to laugh as a pirate will often do in a case such as this. As for the large woman from baltimore, she did not find the humor in it.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Warning Sign !!

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So ye be wantin more posts? Well ye be gettin em arrr. This tale picks up from me last blog. With some long over do TLC and plans to race her in the fall Heaven sent could no longer be denied. Great care was taken and she was transported to our home. To see a 33 foot sailing vessel making its way down a narrow road is quite a sight. Now at rest which will be her new mooring on land I was able to inspect her hull. To no surprise the normal wear was evident and to much bottom paint had been applied making her heavy and pitted. But under closer inspection something disturbing was noted, strange marks on the hull and the propeller was missing its blades. A mystery was beginning to unfold!!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Fish out of water

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Our last trip on Heaven Sent was the begining of a long over due make over for her. For a while now she has been telling this captian that she was tired and need some TLC


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Hello,Hello,Hello. I should want you to think of good old count Olaf when you read this. As I plan to use count Olaf's greeting as a return to this blog. So to all Hello,Hello,Hello.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


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Mama Celeste,Ragu, chief boy AR d' and all other imposter's take note! This pot holds the real thing! Oh yea! its all in there and i helped. see i do all the heavy work like chop up a wagon load of onions ,tomatos, garlic and meat .oh yea and more garlic! You won't find a vampire for miles when this starts to cooking! Now the real magic doesnt start until the misses adds her top secret herbs and spices. she doesnt use measuring spoons or cups. Just a dash of this and a sprinkle of that. Then a little taste and dash sprinkle and BAM! that's right emerald i said BAM! And where do you think she keeps that secret recipe? all in her head! its not written down! So to all you imposter's i say !! CHOW BABY !!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

surprise visit

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with a long summer of work,yard maintenance and crewing on another boat for weekend races. this captains boat had been neglected. and it was time that me and the misses raced our own boat. and as you might guess there was much to do. so we rolled up our sleeves broke out the elbow grease and gave it our best. the bottom was scraped,sails were installed, supplies packed, wood sanded and varnished and the motor tuned up. one last thing to do before we set sail and that's pump out the holding tank. and along with that come a surprise visit from poop deck pappy { the smell from with in the holding tank} and sailor talk from the misses [ strong language} directed at the capt. as it was my intention to allow poop deck pappy on board!!! but as we sailed away all was quickly forgot as the view from our boat was worth the surprise visit. take a look for your self.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

art work

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last time we went sailing. the wind was just right and it gave us a chance to adjust and tweek the sails to get the most out of them. only to redo it for the next tack. it reminded me of something i read. " a sailor is an artist whose medium is the wind" here are some artist injoying there art work.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

jail wagon

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this beauty was used to transport criminals through the streets of Charleston. IE from court to jail to a date with the hangman. A long drop with a short stop! back then this was big entertainment and after seeing this kind of real life drama didn't want to make you CHANGE your ways and walk the straight and narrow. i think nothing would. perhaps that's why many pirates went from port to port. to avoid a ride in the jail wagon arrrrrrrr!!